How do I know you are not a SCAM?

We are a legitimate business.  We are real people with real puppies.  Check out our Facebook profile and you will see comments and activity for years.  We also microchip all of our puppies to ensure you get the puppy that you picked.  Finally, we are USDA licensed which means we are verified!

When can I get my puppy?

The law states that a puppy cannot leave before 8 weeks of age.  After 8 weeks old, it is the breeder's discretion as to when the puppy can go to his/her new home.  We know you are anxious to bring your fur-baby home, but the health of the puppy is our top priority.  Some puppies, especially extra small puppies, need a little extra time with us.  Most puppies go to their new homes between 8 and 12 weeks.

Do you ship?

Yes, we use American Airlines to send our puppies anywhere in the continental U.S.  We follow their strict guidelines on weather, temperatures, kennel sizes, etc. to make sure our puppies are safe.  Remember, if we didn't believe in this process, we would not send the puppies this way.  Cost for this option usually varies between $300-$600.  If you would like more information on their policies, please see their website.

I am also happy to hand-deliver your puppy to you to your closest airport.

Shipping is additional to the cost of your puppy unless stated otherwise.  Please contact us for a quote to hand deliver your puppy.

Why should we adopt one of your puppies instead of a shelter puppy?

This is a personal choice.  Our customers are generally looking for a specific breed or specific traits.  Some customers do not want to un-train behaviors previously learned.

Our customers want to know where their puppy came from and enjoy supporting a small family business.  They get to see, through Facebook and Instagram, our kids grow up with the puppies.  Our customer see that their support of our puppies directly supports our community.  We try to give back to our community through church, school, kids' activities, pet professional board member, and the K9 Unit Partnership.  Some rescues give back to their community, others use the dogs to focus on what they can get... not what they can give.

Our customers have also found that small breed, non-shedding and hypo-allergenic dogs are hard to find in shelters.  Lastly, some of our customers found that they were not able to adopt from a shelter because they "worked a job", "were too old", or "couldn't provide reverse osmosis water system" in their home for the dog.  We believe that there are MANY wonderful homes with great dogs who have dog parents who have jobs, kids, over the age of 70, etc.  We do not discriminate.  We do expect families to have common sense to give a loving home to our puppies or retired adults when bringing one of our dogs home; and they do.

We agree with the values of most shelters- to place unwanted dogs in responsible homes- and fault no potential dog owner for choosing whichever option will be best for their life.  In either case, be sure to buy/adopt from a responsible breeder or shelter.  Be sure to hold the shelters or rescues to the same standards we expect from our breeders.

What if something happens and I can't keep my dog?

We do not want our puppies in any negative situation, and we understand that life can take unexpected turns.  If you need to rehome your puppy, we will take back any of our puppies for any reason.  However, we do not refund any monies.